Friday, February 10, 2012

Clipix an Organizers Dream

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clipix is a fantastic new site that allows users to organize the internet. This fantastic site allows you to save any site even if there are no pictures. You can choose who sees your clips as well. Need it to be a surprise for a special someone? No problem! Customize your privacy settings and tell the world or keep your clips to yourself.

Another totally cool thing about clipix is that you can cross save your clips. They call this feature Multiboards. Say you have a cool article that would fit under a folder named parenting and crafts. No problem!

I also really like the Syncboards. Syncboards allow you to work with family, friends or co-workers. These boards update in real time. The uses boggle the mind. Think clipix party. Having all of your blog readers collaborate together at a set time. What fun!

You can even keep up with clipix on your mobile device! Theres an app for that ;D

The picture at the top of this post is of my "Books To Read" board. It was super easy to install the button on my favorites bar. Every time I something that catches my eye all I have to do is click the Clip button. I tell clipix what file to save my clip in and it is safe and sound.

I am already seeing a great use for this site especially for blog ideas. It is handy to tuck those precious articles away and neatly organize them so I can easily access them later.

Tell me dear readers what do you think you will use clipix to save? Join me in the newest way to organize all your online goodies! I can't wait to see \what your clipping!

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  1. A clipix party sounds like fun!! Let me know if you do something like that.

  2. Cooooool! This sounds great for people on the go, oh hey...that's me :) hehe Gonna check this out!

  3. I've discovered this a like it better than anything else.