Sunday, January 8, 2012

Two Year Old Boy Birthday Gifts

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Little Bit will be turning two in about three weeks. His birthday is way to close to Christmas. Christmas was excessive to say the least. We are a family of givers so you can imagine the implications of that. What to get a two year old who has everything?

My plan is to buy him a few things but also to make a couple of unique presents.

I am totally inspired by these I Spy Robot Bags. I bought some of the things to make my own today. I need to hit the Hobby Lobby for the rest tomorrow. Stay tuned for a tutorial on these guys.

The other idea I came across was a clothing book. The idea is to use old clothing to create a book for toddlers to practice buttons, zippers, snaps, or anything else you can think of that is commonly found on clothing. Pretty cool idea huh?

If your interested in how I found these ideas, I perused Etsy for the robot and stumbled on the clothing book via Pinterest.

As for the purchased presents, I have gotten him a Shake-n-Go Mater for his racetrack. I also want to get him a slide. He is about at that age where a slide is just about the coolest thing ever. Plus, I can move it outside in the spring and renew his interest in it. 

What have you gotten your two year old's for their birthdays? Do you often make gifts for your children or do you stick with the store bought items?


  1. Those robot bags are so cute and so is the book. Can't wait till you show us how to make them. I might have to make them for my Grandson

  2. These robots look really cute. The clothing book is a really different idea to keep memories alive. Cute!

    I am now following you from Say Hi Sunday
    Yona Writes -

  3. That book is looks a lot simpler to make than other busy and/or fastening type books and I love that you can use your child's old clothes to not only help them learn but give mommy a little sentimental toy to remember her little one's outfits by. SUPER CUTE!

  4. Remembering back 27 years ago I got my son a Tuff Stuff Riding Tractor and had a party for him. He really enjoyed it and it lasted for a long time.

  5. Those homemade presents are totally awesome. Wish you had been my mom!

  6. That clothing book is a great idea! I can see using their own outgrown clothes and making it a memory book too!

  7. clothing book s inspired. Love it!Hopped over from Monday mingle! I hope you will stop by Katherines Corner and say hello. Hugs P.S> Don't forget to enter the Pink poodle Giveaway too.

  8. Oh my gawd, I have just stumbled pinterest as well and my head exploded with so many lovely ideas! I have gotten a sewing machine for Christmas and am excited to learn it and do small projects.
    This clothing book is such a nice idea too! Really, I don't know where to start with all these good ideas :-D
    Now the only problem is time, time, time! I don't even know how you do it with a little bit and 4 fur babies.

    It feels so good to visit you again :)

    Spanish Pinay