Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tractor Birthday Party!

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Little Bit loves tractors. L.O.V.E.S. Tractors! Naturally, we had a tractor themed birthday party. The colors for our party were green and black.

Here are the invitations:

Handmade by the Birthday House

Then I got to work making a homemade pinata. Look out for a tutorial on that in the near future. It turned out pretty cute!

To have a proper tractor themed birthday you must of course have a tractor t-shirt with a number two on its smoke stack and your name embroidered on it.

Thanks so much to A Chic Boytique for this adorable tee! She also made Hubs and I  "Momma and Papa" shirts to match Little Bits.

There was a cake but Hubs and I kind of ruined the decorating on it so there were no blackmail pictures and cupcakes in green and black wrappers. I had also purchased adorable little tractor cake toppers which I forgot to use, boo! A few black and green balloons completed our tractor theme. 

Lastly, here are the thank you cards that are all finished and ready to be mailed.
Also made by The Birthday House

I went for simplicity this year and I'm glad I did. I spent the most on the shirts but, I will turn those into a quilt one day so they are memory investment. 


  1. I use to make all my decorations too and I think it made it that much more special.

  2. How cool you made your own pinata!

  3. What a cute party for a little boy. I bet he loved it.

    One year, I made my own pinata. We needed a ball bat to break it open. LOL... kinda funny.

  4. I think my favorite is the cute shirt! I'll have to think about doing something like that for my boys' birthdays.

  5. His birthday looks like it was a huge success...despite no cake photos! The tractor shirt is darling!

  6. i also like the "memory investment" part:-)

    thanks for joining my giveaway..


  7. I love the tractor theme. I like the idea of making a quilt from the shirts. I might have to try that!

  8. Not sure if my other comment went though, (google locked me out)
    This is such a cute idea, I love the theme, you did a great job making his day super special :)

  9. Such a cute birthday party! I know my son was fascinated with tractors when he was a toddler. I especially <3 the whole T-shirt/quilt idea! I wish I had thought of clever things like that as a way to hold onto cherished memories later on down the road.

    Stopping by to thank you for joining up with the Thirsty for Comments Thursday blog hop last week. We'd love to see you linked up again this week (and it just went live today)!


  10. Oh so cute! I also love that you are going to use the shirt as part of a quilt, what a great idea! I keep the kids shirts for stuff as well, I'm a totally sucker for occasion shirts!

  11. aw, so cute!!! have you seen those tractor flashlight things from john deere?

  12. He adores flashlights and tractors. A match made in heaven. I will check it out Sam, thanks!

  13. These are so freaking cute. Thank you for the idea! Here are some other cute ideas for little kids: http://www.themed-party-ideas.com/kids-birthday-party-themes.php