Monday, January 16, 2012

Stay! #ILoveMyk9 #CBias

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Training a dog is all about consistency and rewards. Last week I recanted my story about needing to teach Hubs co-workers some manners. They are a very excitable bunch. I started teaching them the command of stay.

The first thing I did was tell Hubs what the command would look like. I held my hand up and said "stay!" Not yelling the command but using a firm voice. Dogs need to know you are the alpha in your home. That has been our trick to living peaceably with four large dogs in a little house with a toddler. They know that the non-furry ones are in charge round these parts.

There is a baby gate that separates the morning room/office/dog area from the rest of the house. Our spotted dogs shed the least. They also have most favored dog status so they get to come into the rest of the house when invited in. However, they take the gate being opened as an invitation. The youngest dog, our pit mix Peanut, is especially bad for this little maneuver. I worked with him first.

Here is the result:

After he sat there for a tad I gave him a Milk-Bone® treat. 

Good dog!

My dogs are all a little on the pudgy side so I opted to use treats that I knew would not be high in calories. Milk-Bone® Treats and Lean Pup-Peroni Treats were the perfect solution for our training needs. Now the co-workers are a little better behaved in the workplace which makes all of the employees very happy indeed.

If you would like to read about the co-workers here is my first post about their antics.

This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. All opinions are my very own. #CBias#iLoveMyK9


  1. We're working on lots of training around our house with 2 new dogs - a young puppy and a 1-year-old puppy. Yep, a bit crazy, but we love our furry family members. ;)

    Good job on the training!

  2. My dog is older but one trick we would love to refresh his training with is fetching. He loves to go after the ball, pick it up & run with it. As we call to him to bring the ball he drops it & runs back. Oh, well maybe one day he will bring it back all the time. Your dog has such a sweet face! Mine would need low cal treats too.Thanks for sharing.

  3. Your going to be the next Dog Whisperer. I'm going to have to try some of those Pup-Peroni Treats

  4. I am currently working on training several of my puppies. Thanks for posting about these products. I will be sure to check them out:)

  5. So great! I wish my children would learn so quickly! I found you on the blog hop and hope you will follow back!

  6. Treats make all the difference in training, especially for my furry boy! Sounds like you are on the right track :)