Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I've Taught Myself To Crochet

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I love to craft. I'm kind of ADHD about it though. I hop around from craft to craft. My latest obsession is crochet. When I was a little girl I remember my Granny always had a hook and yarn in her hands. She made all kinds of beautiful things. She taught me to do a chain and a single crochet but after she passed I stopped practicing and quickly forgot the skills she had taught me.

One of my very dear friends is a crochet gal. We went to the Hobby Lobby one evening after our coffee shop girls night out. She was looking for yarn to make Christmas presents for her family. I was intrigued by all of the beautiful yarn. I really wanted to learn how to do it. She offered to show me but there were some pretty big obstacles like each of us having crazy busy toddlers and the fact that I am left handed and she is right handed. It makes a huge difference when you are teaching someone to crochet.

She suggested You Tube. What a novel idea. She helped me pick out some yarn and a hook and I went home on a mission. I am proud to say I have taught myself enough to crochet a scarf, a hat, and a flower. They aren't perfect but they are passable. I know my Mom and Mommy in Law will love them.

I want to pass onto you some crochet links I have found super helpful.

Crochet School : This is a fantastic site that literally shows you everything you need to know. If I had found this one in the first place I never would have looked anywhere else. I am about half way through the tutorials now. She even has tutorials for lefties and righties!

Crochet Geek : This lady is who I learned the basics from. I kind of had to piece together where I needed to start but these are great little videos. She also does left and right handed tutorials.

Pinterest : There is so much helpful information on Pinterest. This is a link to the crochet goodies I have amassed on Pinterest. I highly encourage you to dig around and see what you can find. Let me know if you start a crochet board I will certainly follow!

Have you ever taught yourself to do something via You Tube? It is so much fun to keep my hands busy and produce things that are useful to others. I adore it. What kind of crafty things have you been into lately?


  1. My grandmother and mother taught me how to knit as a child, and I have relearned as an adult...but I've always wanted to learn to crochet as well. YouTube is a great suggestion...I'd never have thought of that!

  2. How neat... Now when are you going to show us what you crocheted.

  3. I learned how to do a 4 strand braid from YouTube. I had so search several videos before I found one that was easy to follow, but it was fun learning!

    Congratulations on learning to crochet. I have GREAT admiration for folks that can do this! I'm such an uneven person I had to quit crocheting... :o(

  4. Awesome...I've been wanting to learn how to crochet and the one lady I asked to teach me got so impatient with my apparent lack of crochet understanding that I think she gave up on me...I will definitely have to check these sites out!

  5. Good for you and this is a skill you will value! I made all my kids Christmas one year by crocheting toys, hats, clothes, slippers ect.

  6. Very cool! Love your attitude. I took up knitting a few years ago kind of the same way, and I've started many wonderful projects...just haven't finished any:).

  7. Oh my good for you. I can never learn how to crochet my fingers goes stiff ^_^ Happy Friday.

    Kim, USA

  8. good for you! i am so jelly of your crafty-ness, LOL

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  10. I learned to crochet while in college and haven't had a chance to make anything in such a long time! My roommate and I used to sit around watching Sex in the City while making blankets. I love the hat and scarf!

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