Thursday, November 17, 2011


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Okay it is officially cold here in Virginia. The nice warm weather has moved out and a cold front is overtaking us as I write this. That got me to thinking about getting ready for winter. On my list of things to do:

*close the vents around the foundation
*put fuel stabilizer in the lawn tractor, chainsaw, big tiller, little tiller, and the cars.
*dig up any cold fearing bulbs and hope I'm not to late to save them.
*send our winter coats to the dry cleaner
*drag the sleds out of Dad's barn and into our little shed
*bring some kindling inside to dry out in case we loose power and need to use the fireplace
*check the level of fuel for the furnace and call about a fill up

Shew, so much work to do! Have I forgotten anything? What do you do to prepare for the long cold winter months?


  1. Sounds like you thought of most everything. I always cut back my ornamental grasses so I don't have to do it in the spring. I also put my patio and yard furniture in the basement.

    By the way... Dumb question. Does your Hubs wear a tie to church?

    Once a month I give an apron away on my blog, but for December, I bought a snowman tie and thought I would give that away. If your Hubs will use it... I pick him for this months giveaway. You can see it here if you want to check it out first.

    Scroll down to December Giveaway. If you want it email your address to terrylee5151 at aol dot com. I probably won't mail it until December...

  2. Brrrr it's cold here too, I pulled the winter hats and coats out. I have to remember to put frost covers out in the garden,a nd a thing on the car so the windshield doesn't freeze up.

  3. Even Texas has had a few cold days. I prefer the 100+ degree weather of summer. Only a hot bath cures my chills in winter.

  4. Put up Christmas lights? :-) Thankfully we {my husband would say, "What's this we stuff?"}did that last week. Indiana was warm. But brrrr the cold came in today and I think its staying.

    I have friends in Moneta.

  5. We make sure the log holder is full of dry logs, stuff the firestarter box full, make sure we have plenty of flashlights, batteries, candles, Top Ramen, paper plates, bowls if we loose power, we have to use the wood stove to cook boiling water is about all we can do. Ensure all the quilts are washed and ready to go, the air mattress is set up in the basement ahead of time. We only heat with wood, so the basement wood stove is what we use during power outages.

  6. Just how do you get all your buttons on the bottom of your page aligned? I want to do this and add more. Thanks!

  7. Your list is pretty complete only I would add, make sure to keep plenty of hot chocolate and mini marshmallows on hand!

  8. you forget! TAKE LOTS OF NAPS! lol

  9. It's been really cold here in Utah for a month now. I'm ready for spring. Please, please come early this year!

  10. Good luck with all of that! I just put foam in the windows to reduce drafts (hopefully) but since we're renting there's only so much we're allowed to do...I do need to put the hoses away before it gets too cold.

  11. Wow, nice list. We have been working on our list very slowly. The worst on our list is the heat tape needs to be put on the plumbing pipes in our crawl space I would suggest we flip a coin for this chore but I would lose.

  12. LOL. We're so bad with this. Unfortunately, we don't have a fireplace. So, no need for wood. I wish we did. I wanted him to put one in the addition, but not happening! I'm not much of a gardener. I try to find my ice scraper/snow brush? Still need to put that in the van. I do need to create an emergency snow kit for the van.