Friday, November 25, 2011

STP Multipurpose Motor Treatment #CBias #engineluv

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Hello all, Hubs here. It's that time of year again. Thanksgiving? Christmas? Well, yes, however I'm talking about the time to winterize and perform maintenance on lawn equipment. Lawn equipment, no matter what you have, costs enough money that it is in our best interests to take care of it. Much like your car, truck, or van, lawn equipment has an engine. Tractors, lawn mowers, tillers, weed eaters, chainsaws, etc. I needed to make sure our tractor, tillers, and chainsaw were ready to be put in long term storage as winter has arrived. I don't mind doing this maintenance myself, because its pretty easy and saves a lot of money over paying someone else to do it. Or worse, you don't do the maintenance and serious problems occur that require a trip to the repair shop.

When an engine sits for a long period of time, gasoline breaks down and can cause hard starts and rough running. That's why if you don't treat your fuel in your lawn mower or tractor in winter, they're so hard to start when spring arrives! I needed a product that can stabilize the fuel for storage. I also needed something that could clean up deposits left in the engine and in the oil crankcase after running my equipment all spring, summer, and fall. I needed something that could clean the carburetors, help clean deposits out of the cylinders, and something I could add to the oil crankcase to help it fight acid breakdown to keep the oil stabilized too.

We bought a single can of STP Multipurpose Motor Treatment to treat the engine on the tractor, the big tiller, the small tiller, and the chainsaw. I liked that the STP product treated both two-stroke and four-stroke engines. It can also be used in diesel engines as well. With several thousand dollars invested I want to make sure I help protect the engines for as long as possible. STP Multipurpose Motor Treatment is easy to use; just measure out how much you need to pour in the gas tank by how big the tank is. You only need 3/4 oz. of it for each gallon. I dragged all the equipment out while Amy watched Little Bit play in the yard. I quickly measured out how much treatment I would need for each piece of equipment and added it. I also took the opportunity to measure the oil in the big tiller and tractor, and added a bit to the tractor. I put a little bit of the STP motor treatment into the oil crankcase as well to help the oil during storage.

One I was finished checking over all the equipment for any obvious issues and checked fluid levels, I needed to start the equipment. It's best to start the equipment after you add fuel treatment to make sure that every part of the engine is treated. If you just add motor treatment to the fuel tank you'll treat the fuel, but not get any of the other benefits. So, I started the engines and let them warm up to make sure the treatment had reached the carburetors and cylinders to clean out deposits, oxidation, and sludge. With the fuel treated, our lawn equipment was now safe to hibernate for the winter. This simple bit of maintenance eliminates a lot of headaches and issues in the spring, and keeps these engines running well so I don't have to have them in the repair shop. With the gasoline stabilized and the engines cleaned out, they ought to start easily after four months of storage when spring rolls around!

Check out our shopping trip to Walmart here and watch my vlog about the features of STP Multipurpose Motor Treatment.
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  1. Your husband rocks! Awesome job! I learned a lot that I didn't even know. I think I might have to pick some of this stuff up for our big tools since my husband isn't here to take care of them! Thanks!

  2. This is really great stuff and I enjoyed this post.

  3. i have never used this before- great info!

  4. I'm forwarding this post to my HUBS! A gentle reminder is as good as...?

  5. Hi, follow you via AlexaHop

  6. Thanks for the info "Hubs" (Man it's awkward calling you that! ;)). We don't have any lawn equipment right now...the gift or curse of renting, but when the day comes to own our own home, we will definitely have to keep this in mind.

  7. Thanks for all the details on WHY this is necessary and for the laugh in the Google+ story! "Mobile Containment System" LOL.
    Great post, hubs!