Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Crafters Dream Come True

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Tom morrow is a big day. Why do you ask? My town is having the grand opening of our very first Hobby Lobby. I am beyond excited. I have been bouncing around for weeks in anticipation. My birthday is only a week away. I am convinced God has given me this Hobby Lobby in celebration. My mind races with all of the wonderful things I will be able to create from the treasures within the mythical Hobby Lobby. I know. I am a nerd. It's okay though. Jesus still loves me. Do you have a Hobby Lobby near you? Is it everything I dream it's going to be?


  1. I have one nearby. but don't frequent it as much as I would think I might...perhaps I should!

  2. Sounds like you're getting a super birthday present! Hopefully they'll have some freebies and you'll get some fun stuff too!

    Our closest one is 21 miles away...too far for me!

  3. Mine is about that far away. I live in the boonies so most everything is 21 miles from me ;D

  4. I love Hobby Lobby! I have decorated much of my home from there. Enjoy having it nearby. I'm visiting from the Social Parade so come visit us at

  5. uhm, the nearest hobby lobby we have here is.... oceans away? :-D ack, we don't have hobby lobby here! sob! not even one that is similar. Well, I don't have time for crafts for now so I think I'll stop sobbing.. I have the biggest excuse for being creative around the house: our super active little one :-D

    Great birthday present for you! I'm sure I'll be able to drop by here on your birthday or around that date but just in case, I'll send your my advance happy birthday already!! happy birthday!!!

    Spanish Pinay

  6. Hi

    I am you newest follower! We do have a Hobby Lobby and yes it is call you could want!! WE love it! great items, have a great time there!! Happy almost birthday!follow me at

  7. You will LOVE having a Hobby Lobby. I don't know how I survived for 20 years w/o one until I moved to a big city. Just started following your blog from the blog hop and would love a follow back at Capernaum Home Ashlee :)

  8. I wanta Hobby Lobby!!!!!! I want to go, take me, take me! :) We dont' have a good hobby store around so most things i have to order boo...
    Enjoy the new store :)

  9. found you on the blog hop and am now a google follower.

  10. what the heck is a hobby lobby? LOL

  11. HI - Am your Newest Follower from the weekend blog hop - nice to meet you!

    Okay - I have never heard of a Hobby Lobby so I am going to have to look this one up on the web - I have an idea though!

    You have a beautiful family - enjoy your weekend!

    beachside cottage

  12. I wish I could get a Hobby Lobby just for my birthday! :).

    I have to limit how often I can go in that store because it's just too dangerous...make sure you like them on Facebook so you can get their occasional 40% off coupons!