Monday, September 5, 2011

The ABC's of Me

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Amy, that's my name.

Bible, the best book out there!

Christian and proud of it!

Dogs, I have four of them.

Ethiopia, where my Little Bitty Bit is coming from.

Foodie. I will try anything once and I love to eat.

God, my number one man!

Home, I love my little house.

Introvert. I like to be social but I must have alone time.

Jittery. I don't fare well with more than a little bit of caffeine.

Kind. This one is from Hubs.

Little Bit. My baby boy.

Momma to one Little Bit and soon to be Momma to a Little Bitty Bit via adoption.

Naptime, designated me time.

Overweight. Probably because of being a foodie.

Pork sandwiches. The lunch we have most every weekend thanks to the bbq truck down the road.

Quarrelsome, at least that's what Hubs might say.

Rest. I really like to be rested.

Sushi, it's my favorite food.

Teacher. Formally public school soon to be homeschool!

Ungraceful. I have a talent for falling down.

Vertically challenged.

Walking. My time to praise God and work on offsetting that foodie problem.

Xtreme couponer. Well I used to be but it was to much work. I do know how to do it though.

Yellow is my favorite color.

Zoo's are some of my favorite places to visit.

image source: voiceboks


  1. I love your vertically challenged letter! This was fun to read! I'm still trying to decide about my ABC's. You and Lexie got me thinking again!

  2. it took almost a month for me to decide about my ABC's!!!

  3. Great post! I adopted my youngest daughter from Ethiopia!

  4. I don't like all...LOL! We have so many sushi places here in hawaii--really good ones too (so i've been told), but I just don't eat it!

    I love to visit zoos too! Everytime we travel we always try to find a zoo!

  5. Hi ~ Stopping by to say thank you for linking up to my weekend blog hop. I am now following your lovely blog.

    Keep in touch

  6. I really like this idea and my "borrow" it to do on my blog as I am a new blogger! =0) I'm also a new follower from Wednesday's blog hop!

  7. Congratulations on the adoption. My sister is in the process so I know how challenging it is. Great list!!