Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Christmas In July

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Christmas in July seems to be everywhere I turn lately. Dad heard a Christmas song on the radio this morning. I am seeing tons of giveaway hops featuring a Christmas in July hop. All of these things have my mind racing forward a few months ahead to December.

I love Christmas. I love baking, giving presents, and sending out Christmas cards. You might call me a Christmas card enthusiast. I send one to every single person in my Church. I just love getting "real" mail.

I thought I would pass along a little helpful Christmas money saving tip for you. Vistaprint is offering 140 free labels right now. All you pay is shipping. I use these bad boys like crazy at Christmas time.

What is your favorite holiday? Do you send out tons of cards like I do? Do you have any tips for saving a bit of green on simple things like labels?


  1. Christmas is also my favorite holiday, but I love all the holidays! I hate sending out Christmas cards (I'm a real Scrooge).

    I start Christmas shopping for the next year at the after Christmas sales and continue all year long picking up clearance items at bargain prices! With 11 kids I had to do this for financial reasons. They all get nice gifts but I pay just a fraction of the cost.

  2. My son LOVES Easter, and Halloween. More then Christmas, even- he is so odd, lol

  3. Oh thank you for sharing this! You just gave me my first Christmas present before christmas! Love labels!

  4. Great tip, think I'll go order some labels! Thanks! :D I've been seeing the Christmas in July theme EVERYwhere, too. Must have really gotten to me because I bought two presents that I'm saving for Christmas today at DEEPLY discounted prices.

    Thanks for the visit! Returning the favor now and following via GFC, Twitter and on FB.

    Smile and Mama With Me

  5. Hi, thanks for dropping by my blog. I'm following you back now.

    My favorite holiday is Christmas. I love decorating and setting the mood for sharing and making memories.

    Bella Vida by Letty
    Have a great day.

  6. Stopping by for a visit. I'm already a GFC follower, but I am a new Facebook fan.

    I have seen some Christmas in July themes going on too. I haven't done much visiting in a while, so I'm trying to catch up!


  7. I'm awful! I don't send out ANY cards! Consequently - I don't get any either! I used to get them - long ago - and for a while I saved each and every one of them. I would hang them around the frame of the french doors in my living room. My mom came over one Christmas and was amazed at all the cards I had - until I told her there were probably 5 years worth of cards hanging there ;-)

    Thanks so much for joining the Tuesday Train!