Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Injuries and Failure

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If you have been reading my blog for a little while you know about the amazing boot
camp opportunity I wan from Lean Green Mama. I am writing this to give myself accountability. I am messing up. Bad. Really bad.

I am still pretty okay with eating a healthy breakfast but the rest of the day is shot. I did a week of walking and blew out my back, again... I go to the chiropractor on Friday for X-Rays. My back has been KILLING me. When I am in pain I eat. Little Bit was also cutting yet another tooth last week. Four days of crappy sleep make me feel even worse. When I'm grumpy and tired I eat. What have I been doing this past week? Eating. Eating. More Eating. Honestly, I am afraid to even touch my toe on that scale.

The program Jennifer has is sound. I wasn't hungry. I ate some yummy oatmeal this morning. Then when Little Bit had his snack I had some teddy grahams with him and the left over Thai food in the fridge. Le sigh...

I am writing this to convict myself again. On Friday our Bible study group is going to be sharing with each other something we really need the others to pray for us about. Can you guess what I am sharing? Yep, my food idol problem.

I am going to go and get my back put back. We got a new mattress over the weekend and that has helped my back immensely. I have piles of wonderful veggies coming out of my garden to eat. My prayer warrior pals are going to be helping me tame the demons in my head. I am continuing my tasks on the Lean Green Mama program. I am reading "Made to Crave" for further conviction. I have the support of Hubs. Most importantly I have a mighty God who can help me do all things!


  1. don't forget your "Twisted Sisters" who will be working right along with you :) We will be right there with you! I know how it is- I gained 2 lbs back of the 24 I just lost. But, I will get it back off again. Blech! :)

  2. Just think of tomorrow as a new day and each day is 1 goal to get through. Making long term goals always sets us up for failure.

  3. I think your looking at some of this wrong if I may be so bold. Your not failing, your learning.
    You have already recognized some things that are triggers to your eating. Loneliness and pain. Now all you have to do is recognize the feelings before they trigger the eating.

    And as Sam says, your Twisted Sisters will also see you through.

    My s-i-l has back problems so she does Yoga as an exercise platform and it works for her while not hurting her back.

  4. I came over here to say congrats on winning over at rise above your limits and I got side tracked.
    Congrats, Your a Winner! Doesn't that sound wonderful? Now repeat it to yourself 10 times :)

  5. I agree with Grace...we're always learning...

  6. It's a daily struggle for me too. I'll be praying for you!

  7. Awwww hun... sending healing thoughts and prayers your way.

    At least you are recognizing when and why you overeat. What you need to do is instead of beating yourself up each time you do, find something to distract yourself.

  8. I don't blame you for eating with everything you had going on...I hope your back is put back together now!