Friday, May 27, 2011

How Does My Garden Grow?

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Ah, it is that wonderful time of year again! When I can dig in the dirt. I can tend to beautiful plants that will give me tasty things to eat and beautiful blooms to gaze upon.

My garden is doing fantastic so far. There has been plenty of rain and except for the accidental hoeing of a tomato plant this morning everything is plugging right along.

I tried peas this year. I planted them on St. Patrick's Day and they are flowering now. Hopefully I will get a crop out of them before the muggy Virginia heat kills them off.

Little Bit and I have been faithfully watering the plants every morning. I load him up in the Ergo Baby Carrier and off we go. Just a little of my opinion here, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Ergo Sport Carrier. It is fantastic. Get yourself one you will thank me, I promise!

Are you digging in the dirt? Flowers, veggies, what's your plant of choice? Hope you all have a terrific weekend getting lots of dirt under your nails :D


  1. Looks great!! Our garden is just getting underway!!

  2. I want to start a garden this year . . . I think it would be so fun to do with the kids! I just heard about the Ergo Baby Carrier. . .my friend who is adopting a baby from Ethiopia just bought one at a garage sale for $10. ;) good deal!!
    p.s. I used to live in Virginia (F'burg and Alexandria). . . totally know what you mean about the muggy heat

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    Great start to your garden so far.


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  6. *Wistful sigh* ah how I need a garden. Perhaps I need a yard Getting there! Good luck with your garden!