Sunday, March 27, 2011

Encourage One Another – Influence

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I stumbled across a Christian meme today which made me all a twitter. I love getting to know new friends! Testify the Blog has presented a question to her readers. She asks us to write a testimony about someone who has influenced us. It can be a crazy story, a meaningful story, or whatever the Lord puts in your heart to write.

The person who jumps to my mind is my Grandfather. Grandaddy died when I was in elementary school but he had a huge impact on my life. I love my Dad but he was busy doing his own thing when I was little. Dad liked to hunt, fish, and just busy. Grandaddy however had all the time in the world for me. He taught me funny songs, he took me out to eat, he made me restaurant style grilled cheese sandwiches, and he loved the Lord. He was such a nutball and he didn't care about being silly in public. That is how I am. I'm a goof for sure. Ask Hubs he will tell you.

Being silly made me lean towards teaching and loving the middle school environment. Even though I didn't get to teach for long I am sure that Grandaddy's influence of being silly put me on that road. Even though I am not a teacher anymore I still have the ability to lighten up. To have fun. To do goofy things. I think that is a blessing. The world can come down on us pretty hard but the Lord gave me the gift of my Grandfather. A man who taught me to lighten up and have fun. A truly gracious gift.


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  3. Grandpa's can make all the difference in the world...mine died a week before my oldest was born and I miss him terribly!

  4. Amen! My grandfather is the main reason I am who I am...he taught me to stand up for myself, never back down on my morals and never talk behind someone's back!
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