Friday, February 4, 2011

The Terrible Ones

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Little Bit turned one last week and with that milestone we have seen the emergence of a new side of him. I call it the terrible ones. One day he is happy as a lark. The next day he is a raging beast. Are you wet? Are you hungry? Are you thirsty? Do you need a hug? WHAT DO YOU NEED? Ah the frustration. I believe we have officially entered toddler hood and the challenges that come with it. As I write this Dr. Jekyll is with me. Happily playing and enjoying the morning. Later on today will Mr. Hyde make his appearance? No one knows and there is no thing that is the catalyst for his arrival. Le sigh... Any helpful advice on what to try when I am face to face with Mr. Hyde?


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  4. Super cute, sorry that the terrible ones are here though. Stopped over from Eccentric Delirium and really glad I did. Happy Friday!

  5. Well just remember what you have to look forward to..a teenager! and count your blessings lol.

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  6. I think they are frustrated because they are unable to communicate. My sister taught her terrible one year old how to sign and we saw a world of change in him...just a thought. Good luck with that cute/terrible one.
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  7. Just like Buffi Neal said, my son was horrible, until I taught him a few signs (sign language) and he was much more laid back. Maybe that would help?