Saturday, February 26, 2011

New Laptop, SQUEEEEL!

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Last summer I was on top on the world after I won an emachine netbook. My poor old laptop from schooling/teaching was on it's very last leg and I desperately needed a new computer. It was perfect timing and I had really wanted to try out a netbook. It ran great at first but a few months ago it started sloooooowing down. By last week I would click on a blog and walk away from it to wait for it to load. Frustration, to say the very least.

I have been picking on Hubs for sometime now to buy me a new laptop. He went on travel last week for business and I told him to bring Momma home a laptop shaped prezzie. I was kidding, well not really, so when he got home he announced that I would be getting a new laptop!

At first I was super happy and then the Momma guilt set in. I feel bad having new things for myself anymore. I will gladly buy anything for Hubs or Little Bit without blinking an eye but for myself the guilt creeps right on in.

We went to Best Buy and found a Sony on super duper clearance and it came home with us. You should see it load blogs at the speed of i5 core processor. Momma loves her new silver baby. With every loaded blog I feel a little less guilty and a little more blessed.


  1. I also feel that way. So when hubby went out and got me a Nook so I could do my reviews and giveaways I so wanted to take it back he hide all the receipts and paperwork so I couldnt. We must have awesome men you and I. I also need to tell you I am following you and I found you on Boost My Blog.

  2. I get like that also! I need a new laptop since this ones charger prong has leaked all its glue out and is on its last legs. I backed up all my important files today, since in a couple weeks this one will die. Compaq- need I say more? A MESS since the day we brought it home, and what did they ask when I called to complain about it shocking and heating up fast?

    Did you take it in a bathroom or kitchen with you?
    What the crap?
    Umm, No sir I don't feel the need to bring a laptop into my bathroom or kitchen. Needless to say they never took responsibility and it is at the end of its lifetime.

  3. It's so hard, at times, to meet our own needs as Mommas, but I think it's ok when it's all done in balance with other needs.

    Happy Sunday, and enjoy loading up all those blogs today!

  4. Lucky you! Enjoy! Hopping by from the blog hop. Hope you can visit me too:

  5. SO happy to be following this blog! The yellow layout is fresh and festive. I am excited to be coming back to your site!

    Russo @

  6. I totally understand, I need a new laptop too but feel bad actually spending the money to buy it!

    I'm a new follower from the Wednesday bloghop. I can't wait to read more of your posts! I would love it if you could follow me as well :)


  7. Love the laptop!
    I just followed you. Would you please follow back?

  8. Enjoy it. I just got my first laptop last week ;) My guilt is now wearing off and I'm sooo excited. LOL!

    I'm following from the hop ;)

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