Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tasty Tuesday - Vegetable Garden

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My tasty Tuesday is all about ingredients. There is nothing better than making recipes with ingredients you have lovingly grown yourself and they ALWAYS taste better than stuff you purchase at the supermarket.

Most of my garden is doing great. My tomatoes are doing okay but the leaves are almost toast because of the beetles.

This is a picture of one of my sugar baby pumpkins. I got the seed from My Victory Garden. They are heirloom. This is my first experience with heirloom seeds and so far the plants are thriving.

These are my peppers. They are still small but they are very tasty. I have been picking them and putting them in salad along with my tomatoes.

My peach tree is so heavy with fruit that the branches are breaking off! The fruit is very small and hard. I'm not sure if the peaches will get big enough to use this year. I am confident after a good pruning that next year I will be making all kinds of wonderful treats with large peaches.

Here is a mess of green beans that hubs and I picked. I am going to can them, hopefully tomorrow or tonight.

My little cantaloupe is coming on nicely. I've never gotten one to ripen. They always rot before I they are ready. Fingers crossed this one will make it.

I love butternut squash. Soooo tasty. I can barely wait for them to be ready.

Thank you Balancing Beauty and Bedlam for hosting Tasty Tuesday!


  1. looking good! Next year I hope to plant some fruit trees/bushes.

  2. Looks great! Our garden is just starting to yield some summer squash. Love summertime w/ all the fresh produce!

    Linked back to you from The 31 Lady.

  3. I'm a little jealous - my (small, container) garden did not do well at all! Your ingredients look wonderful.

  4. Your garden is really producing! Everything looks great. I have a hard time getting cantaloupe to ripen too. I hope you succeed this year!

  5. Jennifer: I have no luck with container gardening either. The heat just eats up those poor things and they die. I tried lettuce this year. It came up but died within two weeks.

    Vanessa: I love summer squash. I normally plant it but it seems that everyone I know also plants it and that is one sure fire winner for massive amounts of produce. I plan on "leaning" on friends and family for charitable donations of summer squash this year

    The Local Cook: It has taken about 5 years for mine to get to this point. Have any specific varieties in mind?

    Alea: Thank you!

  6. Looks fabulous. Thanks for visiting and the nice comments. Our gardens here must be way behind. I have had two cukes, 1 zucchini, but lots of cherries and strawberries. I have had the opportunity to thin peaches before as a service project. We were to thin them so that there was no less than 6 inches between the fruit. It kills you to do it, but it makes much bigger fruit. I was just out doing it to my apple tree today. Try that next year, but I am sure these are going to be lucious. Nothing better than fresh from the tree peaches.

  7. Your garden looks great. My tomatoes are still pretty green. I also have cantaloupe and I'm hoping too that they make it before rotting.

    Thanks for visiting my site. Happy Harvesting!

  8. Fantastic! I live in a townhouse, so gardens aren't allowed. But next summer, I AM going to have two tomato plants and whatever else I can get away with on my little patio. This summer I have a brocoli plant one of my students gave me. Here's hoping...