Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rite Aid = Stinks

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First off let me say I hate being a negative Nancy but this really got my goat. My first attempt at Rite Aid was an utter disaster. For some reason I just had a bad feeling about even trying there. The lady wouldn't let me use my 3$ Huggies coupons on the sale priced Huggies and then she tried to keep my coupons. I was so frustrated. I do have a tendency just to give up. I should have had her call the manager. There was someone behind me and I hate to be rude. I just hate it. I know it's silly but it totally depressed me. Nick took me to another Rite Aid in the next town just to try it because it really irked me and guess what I COULD use them, JERK! Walgreens and CVS have been AWESOME. Not going back to Rite Aid for some time. bleck.


  1. WAlgreens ROCKS! My husband has been employed at Walgreens for 13 years...great company, great customer service too....stick with them you will never be disappointed, you will always come first and be right!~!~

  2. Walgreens is by far my favorite! Great customer service and they are always nice about my plethora of coupons. The girls even congratulate me on my savings. It's also a very tidy store. It doesn't feel cluttered. For some reason this is super important to me, heh. You must get all the awesome deals with hubby working there!

  3. I hate rite aid! They never seem to have good deals to me either. I live in Duane Reade, CVS & Walgreen's though.

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