Friday, December 18, 2009


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As a plus sized girl I am always on the look out for cool stores that carry my size. I find it incredible that about half of American women are over size 14, but there are so few clothing stores that carry trendy, well made, and not hideous clothes for us. Today while stalking giveaways on Tip Junkie I ran into a blog that caters to tall women. By proxy they also have links up for plus sized gals. They are having a giveaway for a forty dollar gift certificate to eShakti. I was curious. Another lame store with moo moos? Oh no! They have lovely, trendy, and classy women's clothing! They even custom tailor it so you don't have to drop your new goodies off at the tailor before you wear them. Neat! I put them in my favorites bar under "post pregnancy clothes" so I can try them out in a few months. Hopefully I will have that 40$ gift certificate with me, but even if I don't I will be trying out eShakti. Come back here and let me know if you have ever purchased something from them or if you do come back and tell me about what you got. I want your feedback! Happy shopping :D


  1. I won the gift certificate! I will post a follow up once I order the clothes and deliver Gabriel to let you all know what I thought! WooT WooT!

  2. That's great that you won!

    I want to know how it works out.